These messages were recorded by Anne, a lay apostle in May through September 2004. They contain messages from Jesus and also Anne’s recordings of mystical experiences she was given. In this Volume Jesus seeks to pull us close to His heart. But in this time, Jesus is suffering with so many souls living their lives far away from Him, so those close to Him will suffer as well with Jesus. He invites us to rest in His heart so that He may show us His pain and His joy. He does this through His messages in this Volume.

He also gave Anne glimpses of real people during this time. Anne records what she sees and then Jesus let’s her and us know what He experiences when looking on this person and this situation. These experiences contain a mix of both positive and negative situations, but always Jesus shows us the heavenly perspective. He calls us strongly to reach out to our brothers and sisters living away from Him to help draw them back into the safety of His heart.  He also gives us warning of things to come through messages and visions He gives Anne, so that we may be prepared by drawing closer to Christ.

I show this to the world because I want the world to have hope. Yes, I am suffering. Yes, many souls are in darkness. But this is one example of how a soul can be rescued. How many souls are there like her? That is up to you, My little apostles. You must seek out those who are wounded and give them my words. These words are heavenly balm for the wounds that this current darkness has inflicted on My beloved children. I am showing you My heart so it is only fair that I show you the joy in My heart when I consider the return and the healing of a soul who has suffered. Share in My joy. Rejoice in her return, for she was lost and now she is found."

-Jesus, September 14, 2004

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