In this book Anne, a lay apostle continues to share her thoughts on how Christ views the world we live in and His expectations of how we should conduct ourselves during this time.The writings contain a rich treatment on how to begin contemplative prayer, offering us another invaluable tool in our journey to personal holiness. In these essays you will find clear instructions on how to act like "citizens of heaven" while we are still on earth.

"In the Lord's time, He saw that the Pharisees were focusing on the external performance of men, meaning the Pharisees were all about the law and how the law was being observed. Jesus treated this as a distortion because He knew that the purpose of the law was to lead people into and also protect a relationship with God."

-An excerpt from Citizens of Heaven section

"I believe, from heaven, we will see each person with their crosses trying to manage wounds and weaknesses as they try to fix on their identity in Christ. As beloved children of the Father, we must accept no ugly exclusion of any group of people. We accept, as followers, that we lack full understanding of the condition of any man. Only God can judge."

-An excerpt from Citizens of Heaven section

"On any given day, the priest must reach back into heaven through his soul and grab what is holy to offer to the people. The beauty of God's presence and truth must be piped through the humanity of the priest like water through a faucet. And a well-constructed, challenging and honest support system is imperative for the man so that God can work with freedom in the vocation."

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