"I will bless every place in which an image of my Heart shall be exposed and honored…."

Why He Made This Promise........

  Our Lord, knowing this very human trait, so loves us and so wishes to be a part of our daily lives, that He offers us His special blessing, if we place His image in the place of honor in our homes, both to form a constant reminder to us of His supreme love for us, and, by His constant presence, to emphasize the all-important relationship we have with Him, Our King, Our Lord, Our Means of Eternal Salvation.





What It Means To Our   Families......

     Our families gain enormous additional graces and blessings at this, the time we need them most, if the installation of His image is accompanied by a formal ceremony, (called enthronement, as a King is installed on a Throne) and by a Consecration of the Family to the love of His Sacred Heart.
These two acts together will:
*stabilize the family,
*sanctify the family,
*create a Catholic atmosphere and spirit of piety in the home,
*bring back the wayward members and
*help console the members in times of trial and sorrow.
Thus, it makes the home thoroughly Christian. It brings the Devotion into the home where it is most needed and can be most effective. Plan on DOING it for your family's sake!