Instructions for CMJ Download Files

E-book files

CMJ e-books are available in .prc and .epub format         

1.  .prc Format (For Kindle):

Download for free and install the Mobipocket Reader application on your PC, Windows Mobile Device, Blackberry, Palm OS, and Symbian OS. For the iMac, you will need to download FBReader here. Click here to download the Mobipocket Reader application.

Your PC
If you have Mobipocket Reader on your PC, you can either double click on your CMJ e-book file or you can open the file via Mobipocket Reader (Import->Add File). If you do not have Mobipocker Reader installed on your PC, you can download the application for free here.

Your Windows Mobile Device
Mobipocket also has Windows Mobile versions of the software for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Symbian Os. Click here. If you have a Windows Mobile device, you should use the appropriate Windows Mobile version of Mobipocket.

Tranferring Your File to Your Windows Mobile Device
You should connect your Windows Mobile device to your PC. Mobipocket Desktop eBook Reader should recognize any reading device on first connection and install the appropriate mobile reader. If you device is not recognized, you can manually add it as follows

1.On the bar on the left side of the screen click "Reading Devices".
2.On the bar along the top click "Install New Device".
3.Select the device.
4.Synch your device according to the instructions. Load Mobipocket Reader installation files on your computer.
5.Open your CMJ e-book in Mobipocket Reader either by double clicking the book's .prc file or by opening the file via in Mobipocket Reader (File -> Open).
6.On the bar along the top of the screen click "Send" and then select your device. Your books should be sent immediately to your device.

Mobipocket files (.prc files) can be uploaded to Kindle (and other dedicated e-reading devices such as Cybook and iLiad). Instructions for transferring your e-book to your Kindle are as follows.

1. Wireless transfer
2.Transfer using your Kindle USB cable

Wireless Kindle transfer
You can transfer your  e-book wirelessly into your Kindle by using your dedicated Kindle email address. (This address can be found on the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon.) Download the e-book file to your computer. Email the file to your dedicated Kindle email address and Kindle will wirelessly deliver the file directly into your Kindle.

Using Your Kindle USB Cable
Using your Kindle USB cable, connect the cable to your Kindle. If you are using a PC, your Kindle content folders will appear as a removable drive in Windows Explorer. If you are using a Mac, your Kindle content folders will appear in Mac OS Finder. (If you have an optional SD memory card installed, it will also appear as a drive independent of the Kindle.) You need only to copy the Ignatius Press e-book file (.prc) to the documents folder on your Kindle.

2.  .epub Format (For Nook, iPad, Sony e-Reader, Kobo e-Reader):

ePub is now a standard e-book file format that is supported by almost* every e-book reading device including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kobo, Sony Reader, BeBook, IREX Reader, and the Nook from Barnes & Noble’s. ePub is basically a .zip file that contains a collection of text files and images. Please note: in order to read epub files on your Nook or Sony Reader, you will need to change the .zip extension to .epub. Do not attempt to extract the file, simply change the extension.

Converting Files:

If you need to convert your .prc file to an epub or vice versa you can do so using Calibre. This is a free download.
-Download the file you purchased to your computer.
-Open Calibre
-Drag and drop the file into Calibre
-Select the title you wish to convert and click on the Convert books icon in the top menu bar
-There is a drop down menu next to the word Output in the top right of the screen that pops up. Select either EPUB or MOBI (prc) Click OK
-Once the conversion is finished, go back to the main menu screen and select the book. Click on the Save to disk icon in the top menu bar. Save the ebook to your desktop. From here you can transfer the file to your reading device.

Here are some options: Read ePub on Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

· Stanza from Lexcycle. Everybody loves Stanza, and when you try it you will see why

· iBooks Application. Which is available as a free download on all Apple products

Transferring your files to your reading device using the iBooks app. To download the iBooks application and use the iBookstore, you need an Internet connection and an iTunes Store account.

iPod Touch: Download the e-book using your computer. Then, in iTunes, choose File > Add to Library. Connect iPod touch to your computer, select the book in the Books pane in iTunes, then sync iPod touch.

iPad: Download the e-book using your computer, then add it to your iTunes library. Connect iPad to your computer, select the book in the Books pane in iTunes, then sync iPad.

iPhone: Use iTunes to sync your books between iPhone and your computer. When iPhone is connected to your computer, the Books pane lets you select which items to sync. Sync an ePub book to iPhone: Download the book using your computer. Then, in iTunes, choose File > Add to Library. Connect iPhone to your computer, select the book in the Books pane in iTunes, then sync iPhone.

Read ePub on Your Desktop Computer or Laptop Computer

· Stanza from Lexcycle. Stanza comes in a number of editions; to read ePub on your desktop computer or laptop, you want what is called “Stanza Desktop.” Download the software, install it, and then it will let you read the ePub ebooks. (For Windows and Mac OS computers.)

· Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is an ebook reader, and an ebook library manager. (For Windows and Mac OS computers.)

· Book Glutton. You can store your ebooks here, and download them to your computer or iPod. Also, you can read your ebooks online.

· Calibre. An open source ebook reader, and ebook library manager, that can read ePub files. It works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

· FB Reader. This is a free ePub reader for Linux, Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X.

Read ePub on Dedicated Ebook Reader Devices

· Textr. Textr is a new ebook reading device released in Germany in Fall 2009.

· Sony Reader (models PRS-505 and PRS-700). Bravo to Sony for recently making their ebook readers capable of reading the ePub format.

· Pixelar. The new Pixelar ebook reader is a polyglot that can read these formats: PDF, MOBI, DOC, WOLF, MP3, HTML, TXT, CHM, FB2, Djvu, PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG, PPT, LIT, PRC — and EPUB.

· BEBOOK ereader. Bebook can read a number of formats, including EPUB.

Read ePub on PDAs and Phone There are too many to list here. Check the website of your hardware device for information about how to read ePub ebooks and ePub documents.

Read ePub e-books inside Firefox

Firefox users can download EPUBReader, a free add-on that lets you read the contents of any ePub book right inside their favorite browser without requiring any special software.




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