St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel


 In the year of Our Lord 2000, on the 100th anniversary of the canonization of St. Rita, the present St. Rita of   Cascia Shrine Chapel was beautifully renovated. This renovation included the construction of the present Shrine and the prayer space. The lovely sanctuary was also completely redecorated at this time. This Chapel also holds nine newly dedicated shrines to saints St. Patrick, St. Francis Xavier Cabrini, Pope John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, St. Monica, St. Martin de Porres, Our Mother of Good Counsel, and Our Lady Of Czestochowa. 

St. Rita’s and the nine other shrines can be seen at Saint Rita of Cascia High School,  7740 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60620.
For more information on the St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel please click here 


I recently submitted my Manuscript entitled " You Are Mine Now ".
I sent vol 1 ( 6volumes in total . My Ministry is Authorised by 2 Bishops here in Scotland . One Bishop has given favourable comments for Vol 1 already .Can you please let me know that you have received my Manuscript safely . With Love and Peace , Joe Livingston in Bonnie Scotland .

- Chicago bear (@ bear) October 31, 2016
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God, You knows my pain, You know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. he always acted as if nothing happened, I tried to cover my feelings from everyone, but i couldn’t stop waiting for his promise responsible on me. i am still waiting for the miracle to come one day. God, You knows how long i have waited, please don’t leave me. Please help me, I couldn’t touch his heart, please help touched damianus aditya heart for me. He still doesn’t care about me, and have fun with another women. I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me.

Dear Saint Rita, you are known as the Saint of the impossible. Please show me your wonders and why you are called the Saint of the impossible. Show me why many believe and come to you. Please change the heart and mind of Nathaniel, restore our relationship and help us to work through our difficulties and for Nathaniel to make a conscious effort and commitment. Please, please, please help us with, 17th – 23rd of March. Please heal us and restore love and forgiveness in relationship. I call the intervention of our Lord God and Saviour. Please grant me my heart’s desires. Please bless me with strong faith that never wavers. I beg all of this in Jesus’ name Amen. Thank you

Pray health of Diane, Annette, Marie, Anne, Linda, Sharon. A.F will not be depressed. A.F can get along with family. Babysitting for Aiden and Ella goes well

Special request

I pray to our loving and merciful God, through the intercession of all the Saints and Angels in heaven for

healing for Lucille’s physical illness. I also pray that Lucille realizes how much I love her. I love her with

all my heart and soul and believe we can build a great life together. Pray God will lift whatever fears or

doubts she has and give her the courage to pursue a relationship with me. And lastly, I pray for financial

assistance for me to pay all the debts I have incurred in my life and the financial obligations I need to

settle. Amen

Pray for my marriage and family. Pray for my family will have a safe, good and fun weekend. Pray for hair will turnout good. Pray for G and his family get along with A. Pray for G.F will stay away from D

Please pray that God gives Catherine and I the help we need to overcome the damage done to our relationship by our poor actions over the last year.

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