Heavenly Healing

Soft Cover

Bonnie Shoemaker

Warning: This book reveals the Truth: Jesus is with you now!

Excerpt from the Author:

Is your heart in need of healing? Are you searching for peace in your life? I was...

My life was a rollercoaster ride - a mother in and out of mental institutions; a father trying to protect his four daughters from their mother's illness; the list of disappointment and hurt is long. Strange as it may seem, I always felt loved. But the seed of mistrust was planted early on. Doubts about myself, my relationships and God's love wreaked havoc throughout my adult life.

In February 2006, I attended my first Eucharistic Day of Renewal, My life was transformed that day. After reading each volume, Climbing the Mountain and Mist of Mercy, I began meeting other lay apostles, hearing stories of salvation provided through this apostolate. I felt a strong prompting by the Lord to gather these testimonies and create a book illustrating the fruits of rescue mission. Through Anne and each of His Lay Apostles, Jesus is returning. Healing our hearts one message at a time. 


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